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About Blogger: Beverly Isla

Beverly Isla delivers a solid and multi-faceted background in communications to the social causes that have inspired her support. Topics that are close to her heart include: well-being, personal development, animal welfare, and sustainable and green living.

She has delved in public relations, holistic health, television/radio production, project management and writing. She has implemented content development, internet marketing, acted as a spokesperson at trade shows and career fairs; collaborated cross-promotional activities; and provided education to the public and stakeholders.

If it sounds as though Beverly Isla is strongly motivated, both in her professional and personal roles, to advance the holistic aspects of life, you’re right. But the strength of her convictions mean that she dedicates herself to the causes that she promotes. Isla believes that if people were aware of the truth, rather than illusions, lives would be very different.

Her belief in the freedom of the press means that the public is entitled to the freedom to be informed about the concerns facing the planet, along with the freedom to know all the options available rather than the options that are officially promoted because they favour bureaucratic red tape. She acknowledges that being an advocate for social justice can be, as she puts it, “tricky” because disclosure can offend people, even when the truth is something people need to know for their own wellbeing.

Her writing has appeared in print and online publications such as The Family Magazine, The Passion Test Magazine, Can Fit Pro, the, Tourist Travel along with Demand Studios. She’s written for television news, radio segments and also has been featured in a best-selling book, Making it in High Heels, to polish off her media resume.

One of her special causes is rescue dogs as she has a soft spot for dogs in need, and has fostered dogs for rescue organizations.

You can view her show on Pet Life Radio, where she interviews animal welfare professionals.

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