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Carla is a foster parent to a Boxer and is looking to find him a home in the Greater Toronto Area! She shares her story that illustrates not all rescue organizations are created equal. This video may be controversial in regards to what is deemed right or not but her story is a perfect example that challenges not only rescue organizations but foster volunteers.

If you are a foster or looking to be one, please take the time in finding the right rescue organization for you and making sure all communications/intentions are clear. I understand organizations have so many demands and responsibilities as it is and cannot help every dog in their possession. However, the responsibility that fosters have in rehabilitating the dog can sometimes be unfair. Sadly, It is often a catch-22. I cannot stress enough- the collaboration of fosters, rescue organizations and dog professionals can make the difference.  

Sampson is a half year old Boxer, neutered, microchipped & vaccinated & looking for his Furever Family! If you think you know of anyone in Ontario please let us know!


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