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Saturday, 21 February 2015 22:40

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Save A Pooch aims to provide a marketplace where dog professionals can share their best tips to keep your rescue dog healthy and happy, as well as reward rescue dog lovers with prizes, giveaways and deals. Save A Pooch also provides pet businesses and professionals with media awareness and access to industry influencers. In the end, an ethical business message can help contribute to responsible pet ownership. 

We believe education and awareness is the key driver to help rescue dogs find the right homes, right parents at the right time.

Read Beverly's interview with TonBoMai. 

Beverly's Story

I come from a background of holistic health and marketing. It didn't cross my mind that I would be doing anything outside of those areas. Even as I fostered dogs, it did not cross my mind. I love animals, particularly dogs and its heartbreaking to see them abused, neglected, homeless. It was my last fostering experience that made me want to leave everything I was doing to contribute something to the industry in a way I know how. 

This little foster was quite a handful. This Shih Tzu has been bounced from home to home, but still had a fun loving personality. Except when his aggressive temperament would sneak out from time to time. That trait made it difficult for the rescue organization to find a suitable adopter. He was even prescribed meds to calm the temperament. I tried to find someone in the industry to donate some of their expertise, from holistic vets to trainers. I had no luck in that arena. However, 3 fabulous women came into my life that I am forever grateful for. One is a daycare owner who helped board him while I was at work; another a lovely groomer who had experience with fear based aggression and a fabulous animal communicator who filled in a lot of the mysteries. They all came in at the right time. I made flyers for him and handed them out to local stores but no luck. 

People told me he'll likely not get adopted because of the biting but I refused to give up on him. Long story short, the same week he was to be put down, I posted on google plus and his perfect mom showed up! He's been very happy there and it was meant to be at the right time. To this day, I still keep in touch with her. Unfortunately, many dogs in need don't find homes like that but by bridging professionals with rescue dog lovers, it can make a difference. At the end of the day, all it takes is one decision by a rescue dog handler to boost the success rate of their transition. I hope to collaborate rescue dog lovers with professionals who have expertise to help. 


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