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Monday, 16 February 2015 17:53

From Cardboard Box To Perfect Home!

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By Krista Clark


Roscoe "Roo Boy" Clark; a gentleman and a scholar.  This young man was found in a cardboard box along a dirt road along with his sister at the guestimated age of 2 months old.  I was a senior in college at Suffolk University and I was ready for a dog of my own.  I looked online and found a Pitt-mix who struck my eye and that very day went to go meet him in person.  When I walked in and asked to meet Buddy, he was visiting with another potential adopter.  So, the desk attendant suggested I walk through the kennel to kill some time.  It was a small hallway with about 8 cages or so.  I was just near the end when I looked to the left and saw this little brindle puppy named Simba.  He was alone in the cage as his sister had just recently been adopted. We locked eyes and I bent down to greet him. He was a wiggly little goof who immediately started licking my fingers and wagging away.  A few minutes later the kennel attendant came in and said Buddy was ready to meet me.  I hesitated and said, "What's this little guy's story?"  Originally, I wasn't looking for a young puppy because they're obviously a lot more work then a more mature dog but something said I needed to see what this guy was all about.  I took him out and within 5 seconds said, "So, this is a done deal. He's coming with me."  The next day I borrowed my roommate's car and picked him up.  He jumped into the passenger seat like he owned it.  Driving home I couldn't help but keep looking at my new buddy, he stared right back at me and our bond was instant.  I'm not shy in saying that Roo wasn't necessarily a typically cute puppy.  In fact, my roommate's first words seeing him were, "He's kind of scary looking.."  

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He was a goofy cute.  Huge ears that didn't fit his skinny little face, chicken legs for thighs and a tail that seemed locked in one position.  I saw past all of this however.  I'm happy to report that Roo ended up growing into his good looks and now I'm literally stopped on the street by people asking, "What kind of breed is he? He's gorgeous!"  Even though 2 years doesn't seem like a long time, I feel like I've had him forever and can't imagine what would have happened if I didn't stop by the shelter that day.

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